Antionette update October 2021:

This week the guys have been preparing the window surrounds prior to the windows being put back in and the hull has been part sanded before painting.

Antionette update September 2021:

The team are making good progress and the engine and steering are being installed and connected up. The decks have been sanded and look beautiful.

Antionette update August 2021:

With the wheelhouse back on the team have been focusing on the parts of the deck inside the cockpit, it is a real skill to get the lines to work fore and aft and involves a few clever optical illusions so it looks good..

Antionette update August 2021:

The team have been making great progress, new beta engine is in and the wheelhouse is back on, now they are focusing on cabin-side repairs.

Antionette update August 2021:

The team have been busy carrying out repairs to the engine bed as some areas were not in good condition. With this work complete it’s over to the engineers to install the new engine.

Antoinette came into us back in 2018 for a fairly major overhaul and as works progressed we discovered further issues which needed to be resolved. Various works were completed including a new deck but then circumstances changed and the owner was taken abroad for his work and the whole project was put on hold for a while, we are pleased that now we have been given the go ahead to carry on with finishing her and after the crazy last year we finally have a shed free to be able to accommodate her again.

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