This is Dynamene a fine example of a Yachting World 5 tonner she was designed by Robert Clark and originally built in 1948. She is at our Ipswich Yard for the winter and is coming out of the water to have her planks replaced where necessary and to have a complete colour scheme change on the hull, to be revarnished and have her decks painted.

Great progress is being made on Dynamene in our Ipswich yard, her topsides have had some repairs and are being painted.

Dynamene November update

The topside repairs have been done and the bright work sanded ready for varnishing, the hull antifoul has been scrapped off and the planks can be properly assessed to see if any need replacement or repair.

Dynamene December update

Having completed the paint preparation the Ipswich team have been busy working on applying the first topcoat to the topsides. You can see the new hull colour on the rudder. She is going to look beautiful when she’s finished.

Dynamene January 2021 update

The hull preparations and masking up are continuing prior to the hull being painted.

Dynamene January 2021 update

The Ipswich team have been busy and the first coat of paint has gone on Dynamene and she’s looking lovely.

Dynamene February 2021 update

The hull and deck painting is almost complete and to our delight another customer admired the work and thought she was of a fibre glass construction, we will take that as a positive.

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