Hippocampus is a Bates Star Craft 33 from Shepperton on the Thames. She is coming to our Southwold yard to have a thorough refit. The proposed list of works includes repairing the teak decks and transom, design and installation of an outside helm position complete with a Brookland screen, revarnishing, repainting the hull, new covers, carpets, upholstery and furnishings plus the usual winter maintenance works.

Hippocampus December update: Hippocampus has now been moved into shed 1 for the works to begin.


The first stage is to remove the window surrounds and fittings so the superstructure can be sanded back ready for varnishing.

Hippocampus, December update:

The superstructure has been sanded right back in preparation for the varnishing and has revealed a past life.

Hippocampus, January 2021 update:

The varnishing has begun, this is the first of many coats that will be applied and then sanded off to build up the depth of colour and achieve the best finish.

Hippocampus, January 22nd 2021 update:

Hippocampus poked her head out and has been tucked back up in shed 1 for more works to continue.

Hippocampus, February 1st 2021 update:

The guys have been busy varnishing and then sanding between the layers this week and masking up ready for another coat, and our steel fabricator is working on the aft deck outside steering position.

Hippocampus, February 3rd 2021 update:

The cabin sides have been sanded back once again for another coat of varnish and the aft steering position is being assembled. The star craft decorative design has been offered up. We last did this on Karinda.

Hippocampus, February 27th 2021 update:

While carrying out a few repairs on the deck we have uncovered some rot in the transom corners, Paul is in the process of doing a great repair job. From the pictures you can see the before and after. I love how crabbing buckets have their uses around the yard during this lockdown period in the absence of holiday makers in Southwold crabbing off the key!

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