The latest edition to the HMS restoration fleet is Jorvik, a McGruer 41, she arrived with us during lockdown for an extensive restoration. She is a classic wooden twin screw motor yacht with plenty of charm. 

She has been in the same family for several generations and now the younger generation have decided to take on the project of restoring her to former glory to enjoy on the rivers of Devon.

She has come to HMS to be replanked, have new carlins and a beamshelf, new deck beams, a new aft cockpit, new engines, be completely rewired, new tanks, new portlights, new galley area and wet room, new heads and a new mast. 

Watch this space for regular updates.  

Jorvik update

Fascinating watching the progress on Jorvik this week. Both the engines were lowered into position in the engine bay. The Beam shelves were cut and laid up, then clamped in position overnight. Amazingly the wood holds the shape and the boys were then able to laminate them together in situ. Here you can see the before and after results.

Jorvik update

Work is progressing at some pace on Jorvik the deck beam shelf is in on both the port and starboard sides, and the inside of the hull has been painted. The port side planking is almost complete and ready to be scrubbed and caulked next week. The engines have been bedded and the tanks are almost complete.

November update

The boys have been focusing on re-planking sections of the hull this week and are ready to plug the holes. The caulking will then fill the gaps between the planks.

December update

Great progress has been made on Jorvic with the engineering guys, marine electricians and boatbuilders this week. The planking is almost complete and the screw holes have been plugged. Next week we will caulk her up.

The replacement deck beams are being shaped individually to get the correct curvature or crop from Douglas fir. The engineering team have installed the fuel and water cooling pumps for the two new Beta engines and are currently working on the drive trains. The new rudder stock has been fitted which involved drilling a 3 inch diameter hole through the sternpost and outboard and cutlass bearings have been fitted to the propeller shafts. The battery bed has been made and fitted ready to house the bank of batteries needed to power all the toys, the charger and the inverter and more of her wiring has been completed. The inside of the hull has been painted where possible and 20 sheets of deck head ply has had 8 coats of paint in total, is ready for when we start to line the cabins.

Jorvik late December update

The HMS team are cracking on brilliantly with Jorvik shaping and putting in the new deck beams and replacing the planking on the starboard front hull.

Jorvik January 2021 update:

The engineering team have been busy installing the shafts and steering gear and the boatbuilders have been working on replacing planking and deck beams and the red lead caulking between the planking.

Jorvik January 2021 update:

The team have been cracking on this week with Jorvik and the planking on the starboard side hull is finished and the deck beams are starting to go in.

Jorvik January 2021 update:

The team have been cracking on this week with Jorvik and the planking on the starboard side hull is finished and the deck beams are starting to go in.

Jorvik January 2021 update:

This is Greg one of our very talented engineers. He was underneath Jorvik this afternoon with a very shiny lump of bronze which caught my attention initially! He talked me through the complex process of building a jig to support the shaft so the bronze mount could then be mounted accurately on the hull, put simply this 16ft length of metal is connected to the engine at one end and the propeller at the other and has 5 bearings along its length if it is even a few mm out it will affect performance of the engine so precision and accuracy is crucial, it looked like a very involved and lengthy process and there are two of these to be fitted.

Jorvik January 22nd 2021 update:

Today was a big day at HMS as we have a huge move around of boats. Jorvik was moved from shed 3 to shed 1. It was lovely to see her outside in the sunshine a taste of the happy times ahead for her owner’s. Then it was back in shed 1 for the extensive works to continue.

Jorvik February 2021 update:

Since moving Jorvik into shed 1 last week the team have more space and workbenches to spread out and crack on with progress.

Jorvik February 3rd 2021 update:

It’s been a fascinating few days watching John and our skilled team redesigning the whole look of Jorvik adjusting the wheelhouse, the outside steering position and the aft cockpit seating area using ply to visualise the desired curves. The customer has made the decision to modify the look completely from the original design to something really special. Now the challenge is on for us to create it.

Jorvik February 17th 2021 update:

The team are working hard on all aspects of Jorvik’s restoration, the deck beams are progressing steadily and they are now working along the side decks, the curved cockpit area has been defined with the timbers, the hull is being prepared for painting and the new curved screen has been fabricated in fibreglass ready for painting. This is a fascinating journey and like all restorations there are periods of rapid change then things slow down again as preparations for the next phase take place.

Jorvik February 26th 2021 update:

The deck beams are nearly finished and the new hydraulic steering system is being installed. Preparations for the painting and varnishing team continue.

Jorvik March 2021 update:

The hydraulic steering has been installed and the hull has had Jeffery’s No.2 black marine glue poured into the bilges, the idea is this fills the low points and seams where water is likely to stand and cause potential issues. This is a traditional product which has been used in boatbuilding for decades and is supplied by Davey & Co.

Jorvik March 2021 update:

The deck beams are being glued in place and the tongue and groove headlining is going on next.

Jorvik April 2021 update:

There has been great progress on Jorvik this last few weeks, the ply decking has gone down onto the deck beams and has been shaped and sheathed in epoxy and cloth to create a waterproof base for the teak deck to then be put down. For the cloth to stick it has to go around a curved edge so the boys have been busy sanding the curves. The fuel tanks have been installed today, these have been custom made by our in-house fabricator. Having spent months working on the ground work now the progress is exciting and noticeable each day.

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