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Maimonde is sister ship to Magyar and Grailian and another Saunders Roe Medina class. The owner came across her for sale in a marina in Hull, he contacted us initially enquiring about finding a surveyor, it was then we were able to share our knowledge and experience of the Medina Class and she was subsequently purchased. The owner then decided HMS was the place to bring her for the restoration and works. She arrived by road and was moved into the boatshed alongside Lazy Days where she was stripped back to a shell.

It was then by pure chance the owners of Lazy Days were visiting and they spotted the boat name, they then advised the owner he was the owner of another Dunkirk Little Ship who had taken part in Operation Dynamo. The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships then confirmed Maimonde’s involvement which made her purchase even more special. She has been undergoing some major hull and beam repairs and new decks and engines

HMS have been given the task of getting her seaworthy so she can take part in the return to Dunkirk 80thcommemorations at the end of May 2020. The race is on and progress is good, we will keep you informed! It has been a special time for HMS as we have had two Medina class Saunders Roe yachts side by side in our boat shed something which hasn’t happened since the 1930s when they were originally built. This has been a real advantage as we have the finished article to refer to.

We were making great progress in getting Maimonde ready for the return to Dunkirk 80th commemorations at the end of May, the decks were down and the new engines were installed, she was really starting to take shape, but then came the global Covid-19 pandemic. Everything changed dramatically overnight. Every planned social gathering was cancelled including the Dunkirk event and the country went into lockdown. With the Dunkirk deadline removed the pressure was eased but the yard remained super busy, we then had to adjust to the new way of working, with frequent hand washing and social distancing being introduced. We were forced to separate the guys, so they were all working on different projects to ensure the 2 meter distance was adhered to at all times keeping them all safe. Despite these enforced restrictions progress continued albeit at a slower pace.

The curved break of sheers were fitted and the new rubbing strake. The rubbing strake was made by laminating planks of teak together and clamping them around the curve of the boat to get the exact profile. Then the wash strakes were fitted and the guardrails.

Maimonde update: September 2020

After 11 coats of varnish being applied and then sanded off we are finally putting on the top coat and you can really see the depth of colour and she looks beautiful.

Maimonde update: October 2020

With the top coat of varnish finished the galvanised stanchion posts are being fitted and the transformation is instant. This week the 2nd coat of varnish is going on the inside of the wheelhouse and the hull is having a top coat.

Maimonde update: October 2020

Great progress this week, the hull was painted, the wheelhouse interior varnished and a lot of the finishing touches fitted. There was a special moment when her first Dunkirk plaque was put up.

Maimonde update: November 2020

Maimonde is nearing completion as far as the HMS works are concerned. The owner didn’t want the interior fitted out just yet. We have made great progress on the varnishing of the panelling in the aft cabin.


Maimonde update: November 2020

There has been great progress made on Maimonde this week and she’s really starting to take shape. The windlass has been mounted on the foredeck, below deck you can see the serious lump of oak it is fixed to! The guardrails or wires have been fitted to the stanchion posts and the brass rubbing strake put on. Then we have Matt in the wheelhouse with wires everywhere :  ) today it’s very exciting as the main windows are going in.


Maimonde update: December 2020

The decks have been sanded, the port lights have been fitted and the staging has been peeled away and her final anti foul coat has been applied, Maimonde is nearing completion in this stage of her restoration. It was a real moment of emotion to think her time at HMS is nearing the end but a huge sense of pride that we had played a part in preserving another Dunkirk little ship for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Maimonde update: December 2020

The foredecks have been sanded, the Dunkirk plaque has been fitted and the covers have arrived. The finishing touches being applied before she finally emerges from the boat shed tomorrow (the 11th December). 

Maimonde update: December 2020

Great excitement as Maimonde made her way out of the boat shed once again. A few more finishing touches then she will be launched for sea trials.

Maimonde was looking fabulous in the morning sun with a fine example of the difference in temperature between wood and metal.

Maimonde update: January 2021

Maimonde update She is patiently waiting for the tides to be right, it looks like it could be next week. When boats are out of the water for any length of time they take on water when launched initially (this is quite normal while the planking swells) so it requires careful planning so we have daylight hours and manpower on standby! With national lockdown the owner is also suffering from separation anxiety and instead of being able to come up and play with his boat he is being made to do DIY at home! She is all wrapped up safely with her covers by Jeckells.

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