Rummer Yawl

Rummer has come to HMS for a fairly major refurbishment, she has been shot blasted to remove the build up of anti-foul, now we can see what is beneath we can attend to any repairs that need doing, she can then be re-caulked and painted and antifouled. She is having the mast and booms refurbished and revarnished throughout.

Latest Updates

Rummer August Update: With the decks removed this has exposed a number of rotten timbers which need repairing or replacing, Sam is doing a great job here he has made a half lap to support a structural knee which has been replaced.

Rummer July Update: The team have made great progress in stripping the decks off.

Rummer July Update: Unfortunately we started removing fittings from the deck only to discover the deck is rotten, rather than repairing sometimes it is better to strip it off and replace it, so this our next task.

Rummer June Update: She has now come into boat shed 1 for her works to commence. Nigel and James have been busy sanding and scrapping the hull ready for repairs.

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