Wide Beam Barge

Being based on the coast we don’t very often work on canal boats however this wide beam barge is the latest arrival for an internal refit at Ipswich. It is certainly a blank canvas and the owners have some fabulous interior design ideas. Watch this space for progress. The lift out was interesting as being steel she weighs more than our normal customers. We are going to place her in our shelterit tent while the works are carried out for maximum protection from the elements.

8th August 2022 Update:

The exterior painting has continued over the last month and she is looking fabulous and shiny.

4th March 2022 Update:

Barge update With the hull all primed we are making preparations to paint the topsides in blue next week.

February 2022 Update:

The blasting process has now been completed and the bare metal has been primed ready for the top coat of painting.

February 2022 Update:

Last week the barge roof was blasted and then all the team cleaned and primed the bare metal, it is quite literally all hands on deck.

January 2022 Update:

The barge is taking shape as the team crack on with the fit out of the interior.

December 2021 Update:

It’s been a busy time fitting this great Howdens kitchen into the barge and it’s really taking shape.

December 2021 Update:

The Ipswich team have been busy fitting the interior of the barge and it’s coming together.

November 2021 Update:

The Ipswich team are continuing to line the walls of the barge with panelling and have been shopping for bathrooms and kitchens, it’s going to be a very busy week of deliveries in the next few weeks! The fitting out is continuing and it’s really starting to take shape.

November 2021 Update:

The headlining is up and the Ipswich team have been busy lining the walls with ply and the wiring and plumbing is mostly in.

August 2021 Update:

The 62ft barge was lifted onto a trailer and moved into the newly erected tent at the Ipswich yard where the works will be carried out , she will have a complete internal fit out and the hull will be painted.

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